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12/5/2008 to Offer InstallerNet Auto and Home InstallCards

The Website that once promoted itself as the Big “O” has a new partner. InstallerNet will offer its InstallCard with all of the home and mobile el... (Read More)

InstallerNet Partners with

InstallerNet has entered into a two-fold agreement with online retailer to support a new, dedicated mobile electronics online shopping and... (Read More)

InstallerNet Acquires Victory Technologies

InstallerNet has acquired Victory Technologies Inc., the company has announced. The financial details of InstallerNet's acquisition of Victory, which... (Read More)

Tweeter, Car Toys Join InstallerNet

Tweeter and Car Toys, with 135 stores between them, will start accepting InstallerNet cards, enabling customers who purchase electronics at Walmart a... (Read More)

InstallerNet Secures Contract to Outfit 40,000 School Buses in U.S. and Canada

InstallerNet has agreed with school bus operator First Student to outfit 40,000 yellow school buses with child safety devices manufactured by Child... (Read More)

Smart Energy Solutions, Inc. Partners with InstallerNet to provide Nationwide Installation Services

Smart Energy Solutions, Inc., a leading manufacturer of vehicle battery monitoring systems, has partnered with InstallerNet to provide a national, ... (Read More)

InstallerNet Rolls Into Detroit Telematics Show

While other companies used vehicles in their booths to demonstrate new breakthroughs in Telematics technology and services, InstallerNet’s Pr... (Read More)

On Board Systems Partners With InstallerNet To Provide Nationwide Installation Services

On Board Systems, Inc. (OBS), a leading manufacturer of mobile video surveillance systems, has partnered with InstallerNet to provide a national, p... (Read More)

InstallerNet Debuts Spanish-Language Customer Interface for Best Buy in Puerto Rico

V.I.C.—the Vehicle Integration Configurator kiosk by InstallerNet, was installed in the first Best Buy location in Puerto Rico. The kiosk is ... (Read More)

InstallerNet Reports Five-Fold Growth in 2007

InstallerNet, a privately held company, reported a sales increase of five times more than the previous year. Tony Frangiosa, InstallerNet CEO, adde... (Read More)

InstallerNet Shows Strong Support for Mobile Electronics Industry With Awards Sponsorship

Drinks are on us, the company touted as it also gave away its Ultimate Toolbox to Support the Industry. InstallerNet, Inc., industry leader in instal... (Read More)

InstallerNet makes a guest appearance on America's Car Show

Anthony Frangiosa, the CEO of InstallerNet, Inc. , was invited to appear as a guest on America's Car Show to talk about the ... (Read More)

InstallerNet Announces CES Promotion Winner

InstallerNet is pleased to announce that the winner of the Ultimate Toolbox Drawing held at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, NV from Janua... (Read More)

InstallerNet to Give-Away The Ultimate Toolbox at CES - Members Receive Discount off Garage-Toys Products

InstallerNet, representing the largest network of professional consumer electronics installers in the US, is offering The Ultimate Toolbox to a lucky... (Read More)

InstallerNet together with MobileToys - Delivering complete installation solutions for consumer electronics

InstallerNet, representing the largest network of professional consumer electronics installers in the US, has combined MobileToys products and servic... (Read More)